Case Study: Geisinger (On the Go)

Reaching On-The-Go Employees for Pennsylvania’s Largest Health System

The Challenge

Provide easy and convenient access to important health system communications for “on-the-go” employees like nurses and doctors.

The Solution

  • Test the use of text messaging amongst 2 target employee groups at a single location.
  • Comprehensive awareness and education roll-out to clearly communicate the value of the texting program and establish rules of engagement for a quality user experience.
  • Text content encompassed Important information including emergency alerts, important corporate announcements, job listings, HR and benefits enrollment information, and policy changes.
Case Study: Geisinger (On the Go)

The Results

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93% texting satisfaction rate

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Response Rates

30% + response rates


Roll-out of pilot to entire system with 12,000+ employees enrolled

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Opt-out Rate

Less than 1%