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More than $3 billion in charitable giving is shifting online each year, driven by digital fundraising programs that make it easy for today’s donors to give with the click of a button.If your hospital foundation relies solely on direct mail, events and other limited fundraising channels, you’re missing out on the opportunity to tap into today’s generation of digital healthcare donors.

On average, these donors make up more than 40% of your pipeline and are three times more likely to donate to charitable causes than older, traditional donors.


6 facts about today’s digital healthcare donors


Average age


Household income


more likely to give online than older donors


more likely to be involved with charities than older donors


more of their disposable income goes to philanthropy than older donors


use healthcare services to care for themselves, their aging parents and their children

We will help you meet, engage and convert these donors by crafting a custom digital fundraising strategy around your organization’s brand and priorities.

Let’s bring your fundraising into the 21st century.

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Our team has raised tens of millions of dollars online for nonprofits nationwide — both in and outside of healthcare.

Here’s how we do it.

We research your audience

By leveraging first-party as well as third-party data, we delve into your audience to develop profiles and journeys that will motivate them into action.

We develop a digital communications strategy

We build a unified messaging framework that will engage your target audience on a variety of digital platforms, such as mobile, web, video, text and email.

We make it easy for donors to give from a mobile device.

More donors are giving directly from their smartphones. We make sure your site is poised to take advantage of their spontaneous generosity. We also offer a proprietary Honor Your Caregiver platform that instantly digitizes your grateful patient program.

We clean up your data and optimize your CRM platform

We develop a data and technology roadmap that will improve the targeting capabilities of your CRM platform.

We engage with donors all year

We give donors multiple opportunities to give.

  • Honor Your Caregiver
  • Doctors’ Day
  • Nurses Week
  • Giving Tuesday
  • National Health Awareness months
  • End-of-Year Fundraising

We test every communication and tweak things as necessary

We continually test and optimize our messaging and tactics to achieve the best possible results.
Honor Your

Digitize your grateful
patient program

Your grateful patient program is your best opportunity to acquire new donors.
We instantly digitize it with our turnkey solution:

  • Proven design and user experience to maximize engagement
  • Story-sharing functionality
  • Donation solicitation functionality
  • Custom branding
  • Integration with donor landing pages
  • HIPAA-compliant story database searchable by service line, location or provider

Our clients increase their digital fundraising revenue by 199%

Our team has pioneered digital fundraising for hospitals and healthcare systems. On average, our clients increase their online fundraising revenue by 199% in the first 3 years.

With a full-service, in-house team, we can support you at any level, whether you’re new to online fundraising or ready to scale up.

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